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Bed Bug Heat Treatments London Essex Hertfordshire & Kent

Beg Bug Heat Treatment Machine
100% Bed Bug & Insect Eradication Guaranteed

Extreme Pest Control uses industrial, chemical-free insect heat machines to completely exterminate your bed bug problem. Our tried and tested heat technology means we can guarantee that we can rid you of bed bugs and many other insects.

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With over 30 years' experience in the pest control industry, we are experts in all types of pests. Through trialing many methods of eradicating bed bug infestations over the years, often using insecticides, we have found that bed bugs and other pests often become resistant to chemical treatments. As the environmental impact of chemical insect treatments has become more apparent for its negative effects, we have embraced advances in technology to solve all our bed bug problems. Our chemical-free, industrial heat machines give us the confidence we can eradicate bed bugs and other insect infestations in one visit by using the optimum heat to treat all infested areas. Unlike many other pest extermination companies, we keep the heat levels high for an extended time to ensure that the treatment has taken full effect. Using heat sensors, we are able to measure the exact temperature throughout the property using computerised programmes and Wi-Fi to maximise the required kill rate. There is no guesswork involved, so we are confident that we have fully treated the pest problem by monitoring all areas. We even use handheld thermal imaging cameras and heat treatment equipment to target those final cold spots we find to ensure that all areas have been treated up to 180 degrees. Even after we are happy that we have killed all the adult bedbugs, we monitor the situation for a few hours for the insect eggs to ensure that our treatments do not fail.

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We will match any competitor’s price on comparable equipment. We have state of the art technology. Tried and tested by scientists in our field of work.

How we differ to other Bed Bug Heat Treatment Companies in London

Any heating we use for bed bug treatments will be done so in a cautious manner that draws upon industry leading solutions. We endeavour to provide a quick and easy set-up process, helping to create a proficient time-frame in which we can conduct any work necessary for your particular ordeal. As one of many bed bug heat treatment companies in London that uses a method known as a “closed system”, we will also be able to improve the eco-efficiency of your building with recyclable air being generated from the inside.  
After this air has moved through the heating system, there will be a brand new increase in energy, which will help you generate the temperature needed to deter bed bugs in the most effective way possible. If you have already ascertained the level of heat needed to alleviate your specific problems, then we have regulatory switches that can be set to the very temperature you require, giving you the means to kill-off any unwanted visitors without too much delay.

Our team will create a dedicated area for the required treatment and make sure regular checks are conducted on the progress being made. Any analysis will be conducted with the use of Wifi technology installed into any affected rooms. After a successful installation has been completed, we have no reason to believe that our heaters won’t kill off bed bugs every single time!
There are still bed bug heat treatment companies in London that use insecticides, but we have discovered how the current population are able to fully combat this particular substance. You will find that heating is actually far more effective, since this can be altered and implemented in a variety of ways. This will give you greater versatility and ensure the right course of action has been executed.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment in London

How our London Bed Bug Heat Treatment Works

The very first thing we will need to undertake would be a full inspection of your home in order to get the necessary data required for further action. We will then be able to decide which London bed bug heat treatment would be the most applicable for your situation through the use of our tried and trusted checklist. Once we are happy with the plans being made, we will then arrange a suitable time and date in which to commence the required work. 
After we have installed our Wifi sensors for any affected rooms, we will be able to gauge whether certain areas are suitably warm or if they need an extra injection of heat. The risk of bugs migrating will also be greatly reduced as we use machines that generate 180 degrees in heat, giving us the means to kill bugs instantly upon contact. We can also check to see whether you have any cold spots with the use of a thermal heat gun, which will help us ensure the entire room is consistently warm throughout.
Next up for our London bed bug heat treatment would be letting our electrical heaters take out all those pests with the assistance of an AM4000 fan. Depending on the scale of the problem, you can expect the process to take anywhere between 4-12 hours. Once the procedure has come to a close, you will be able to return home and live without fear of bed bugs being present as you try and relax after long days at work. 
Since we use soaring heats to ensure we get the best results, we always recommend our customers keep away from their home until temperatures have fallen below 85°F. You will usually be required to keep out of your home for around 24hrs, and we will give you regular updates about the progress as and when certain phases of the work have concluded. You can even check to see how things are unfolding yourself with a heat monitoring system that is handed to any of our customers.

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Don’t worry if you have encountered a sudden influx of bed bugs in your property! We have a team ready and always on hand to offer any services you may require to cleanse affected areas right away. Any bed bug specialists in London working on our behalf will be part of a family run business that always takes a customer-centric approach with any work completed. You can rid your home of bed bugs right now if you contact us direct on 0203 600 0401.

Once we have inspected the property and quoted for the work, we will give you advice on how to prepare your home and all your belongings for treatment. This includes a checklist such as:

  • Move furniture a foot away from walls so it is accessible
  • Large electronics, such as TVs and computers, can be left in place
  • Small items which are not heat-sensitive (such as shoes, toys, electronics, books should be placed in crates or open-weave laundry baskets
  • Unlaundeered linens, towels and blankets should be put loosely in open-weave baskets
  • Remove all pets, including fish, and house plants from the property
  • Throw out all rubbish, vacuum thoroughly, empty vacuum and leave to be treated
  • Wheelchairs and walkers should be left to be treated
  • Turn up the heating in the property for a few hours before treatment
  • Do not apply insecticides before or after heat treatment
  • Take minimal items with you. Clothing that you wear or take with you should be dried immediately upon returning home.
When you return home, you may notice that your property is still warm and some things have been moved to allow for the heat distribution process to be effective.


As with all our treatments, the pest control technician will leave a report with you with details of any treatments and recommendations. If a follow up visit is needed, our technician will arrange a suitable date and time with you. Generally this will be about a week or two later.
We are a leading pest control company working in and around the Hertfordshire area, using the latest techniques to ensure your pest problems are completely eradicated.
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