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How to Get Rid of Fleas

Even though their stature is less than intimidating, the very presence of fleas can bring about a wave of annoyance. They’re also prominent enemies for most domestic pets, and without treatment, you could find your family cats or dogs developing all sorts of unsavoury diseases. Early detection is therefore paramount as they can multiple rapidly, and that can only mean the issue will escalate well out of control! Here, we have taken a look at some common questions associated with flea treatment at home, giving you the means to combat these pests head on. 

How Do You Get Rid of Fleas?

Clean, clean and then clean some more! High levels of hygiene is perhaps the best course of action when dealing with most pests, and this really does apply to fleas since they’re attracted to grimy surfaces. The interior of your home should be regularly vacuumed and washed, but the main concern should be whether you have any pets. Their fur and bedding needs to be cleaned often, since these are the very places fleas will call home should they be dirty.

Aside from everyday cleaning, you could also use sprays to act as a form of remedy against fleas. Lemon for example is an effective substance to use, since its citrus based formula can provide excellent long lasting results. It's even cheap to manufacture, with lemon slices and water being the only ingredients required! Spraying this over sofas, bedding sheets and of course pets will hand your building an extra layer of protection.

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Will Fleas Go Away on their Own?

Absolutely not! Over the course of many years, fleas have established themselves as one of the most resilient pests around. If you want to get rid of fleas effectively, you are best calling upon specialist London pest control for more concrete results. Immediacy is key with flea prevention, since they will grow in numbers quickly. With so many ways in which fleas can enter the home, it wouldn’t take long for your building to become a haven for this particular species.

There is one potential exception to the rule, and that’s the climate in which fleas usually require to survive. They like the warmth, so turning your thermostat down below certain levels could be the kick they need in order to depart your home on a permanent basis. This only works if the new temperature is something you can live with yourself, otherwise you’re compromising quality living arrangements at the expense of flea prevention. 

How Long do Fleas Live in Your House?

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Typically speaking, fleas can live anywhere between 3-4 months, and they’re more happy to spend that entire time within your home unless you take action. There have also been cases where fleas have lived out an entire year, so you can only imagine the damage this could be inflicting on your pets with such a sizable time-frame in question. The best way to reduce their lifespan would be creating a less than favourable environment. As mentioned, they only enjoy certain temperatures and will be most interested in parts of the home which aren’t clean. 

Get Rid of Fleas with Extreme Pest Control 

Don’t let fleas ruin your summer! Get in contact with our team to ensure these pests are taken care of right away!