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Brown Rat, Common Rat, Norway Rat, Sewer Rat (Rattus Norvegicus)

The sight of rats scurrying across your floor is a frightening prospect for us all! Even when you have maintained suitable hygiene, these less than welcome pests may still wreak havoc around both commercial and domestic buildings. We have therefore created a rat exterminator program to ensure people can show these vermin the door and get back to a rat free environment once again.

What can cause a rat problem?

Humans love their food, and so do rats! For this very reason, they are likely to target anywhere they can get their hands on a daily dose of nourishment. Kitchens are therefore an obvious target, where you will often find rats under any units or even resting in cupboards. It’s important to get rid of rats right away, since their presence could lead to food contamination and the spread of harmful diseases around your building.

Local rat removal company

If you call upon us to answer the plea for help for rat removal near me, our technicians will get into the heart of the problem and decide upon the most effective plan of action for rat prevention. A careful inspection will take place at your building in order to ascertain the severity of your issue to ensure suitable rat exterminator treatment is called upon.

You can also rest assured that our rat control is undertaken to ensure safety has been considered for both young children and any pets. After the rat prevention has been completed, you will be handed a comprehensive report which details precisely what we undertook and why. A follow up visit will then be arranged to see whether you are happy with the rat removal we provided.

How do I know if I have a rat infestation?

Key signs that you may need pest control for rats would be their droppings and any scratching they inflict around your building. They usually take a liking to homes and commercial buildings, however some rats also hide out in sheds or under decking. Rats can also be found living outside quite regularly around London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Some of the treatment we offer for rat prevention would be to place bait boxes within the areas we have identified to be the most affected. Since rats are unlikely to consume food they haven’t encountered before, we will persist until they finally fall foul to any disguised poison. The final move will be to ensure such problems don’t arise again, leaving you with much greater peace of mind.

Don’t let your rat infestation escalate out of control! Simply get in touch with our team today, and we can get moving on these rodents with effective London pest control treatments that deliver effective results.

Pest control treatment for rats - Call 0203 600 0351

As with most of our pest control treatments, we usually do two visits as a follow up visit allows us to make sure any actions we take are successful. Our fully trained pest control technician starts by talking to you about the problems you are having before assessing the situation.  Please be aware that the pest controller will often need to inspect other areas and not just the visible source.

Tamper resistant bait stations and various traps including humane methods and rodenticides are the normal treatment for Rats. In houses we normally need to treat all areas where the Rats may have originally found their way in.

As with all our treatments, the pest control technician will leave a report with you with details of any treatments and recommendations.  If a follow up visit is likely to be needed, our technician will arrange a suitable date and time with you. Generally this will be about a week or two later and sometimes a second treatment is required.
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