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Squirrel Problem

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Problems caused by Squirrel

Grey squirrels are found in Hertfordshire and London and are well known as a destructive pest, frequently entering roof spaces. When they get inside a property they will chew woodwork, strip away insulation from electrical wiring, damage water pipes and occasionally drown themselves in water tanks.

Identify a Squirrel problem

You will usually hear squirrels in roof spaces or you may see signs of the damage they leave behind in your loft space.  If you or the pest controller sees damage to electrical cables, a qualified electrician will need to be contacted to assess and repair the damage.

Pest control treatment for squirrels - Call 0203 600 0351

As with most of our pest control treatments, we usually do two visits as a follow up visit allows us to make sure any actions we take are successful. Our fully trained pest control technician starts by talking to you about the problems you are having before assessing the situation.  Please be aware that the pest controller will often need to inspect other areas and not just the visible source.

Due to the new laws for Squirrels, trapping programmes are a required treatment for Squirrels. In houses we normally need to treat all areas where the Squirrels may have originally found their way in.

As with all our treatments, the pest control technician will leave a report with you with details of any treatments and recommendations.  If a follow up visit is likely to be needed, our technician will arrange a suitable date and time with you. Generally this will be about a week or two later and sometimes a second treatment is required.
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