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Why are Cockroaches Bad?

Cockroaches are a major pest for domestic households and business owners, mostly due to their rather unpleasant behavioural traits that make them rather smelly. Should they turn up on a regular basis, you may find your once gleaning building filled with unsavoury scents, and as seasonal pests which usually emerge in the winter, it’s worth thinking about how you can eradicate any concerns before the weather becomes cooler.

Regular exposure to cockroaches can also bring about harmful allergic reactions, which could make everyday living filled with unwanted strain. If that wasn’t bad enough, cockroaches also carry incredibly dangerous pathogens linked to things like typhoid fever and cholera.

What Attracts Cockroaches in Your Building?

Cockroach nibbling on bread

Even if you’re actively cleaning your residential or commercial building on a weekly basis, the very nature of fresh surfaces could be enticing enough for cockroaches to pay a visit. The reason being their reliance on moisture to survive, making bathrooms and kitchens extremely lucrative to these less than welcome visitors. Away from clean surfaces, they will also keep a close look out for any materials like leather, linen and a wide selection of everyday foods. You will also find continental cockroaches are especially omnivorous, taking a liking to just about anything they can get hold of.

What Harm Can Cockroaches Do to Humans?

Tread very carefully with cockroaches, as much like rats and mice, they can make you incredibly ill. Certain cockroaches could be carrying the pathogens associated with diarrhoea and vomiting, both of which can make you feel under the weather, and both have the capacity to be massively disruptive during the day. In actuality, there are tons of bacterial substances to have been found on cockroaches, so the possibilities are quite limitless as to the harm they could cause.

How do Cockroaches Get Inside?

Cockroaches will be able to enter your building in a variety of ways, the most common of which would be through small gaps. They can also gain access through pipes or flooring, so it’s best to check everything has been tightened or sealed up properly to keep them out.

What Sounds Do Cockroaches Hate?

Here’s where you can take a stand! Even though cockroaches are typically nocturnal, they are still more than happy to weather the storm and make daily appearances, where noise is of course far more prevalent. Some of the main sounds they hate would be loud tones generated from doors closing or even just people walking whilst wearing heavy shoes. If you don’t like the idea of using poison as a combative strategy, you could amplify sound artificially with an ultrasonic device, since high pitch tones could be the key to creating the hellish environment which puts them off for good.

What to Do if You Find a Cockroach?

The type of action required really depends on the scale of the problem. A solitary cockroach appearance shouldn’t instantly equate to an impending infestation, but keep a close eye out to see whether the volume ever increases since London pest control may then be required. Remember, finding cockroaches is often no reflection on the way you have maintained your building!

Finding a Cockroach

Combat Cockroaches with Extreme Pest Control

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